Ürgüp Municipality's attempt to stop the deterioration of the Kayakapı Neighbourhood and bringing up the tourism potential of the area was only possible with a private investment company that was concerned and interested of the area. In order to restore the neighbourhood appliances were needed. Firstly new and updated geologic research was carried out in Kayakapı Neighbourhood and as a result area was excluded from the scope of the "disaster area" by Ministry of Public Works and Settlement on 20.11.2000. The urban fabric part of the area was announced as 1/1.000 scale urban protected area by the decision dated 10.02.2001 of the Cultural and Natural Heritage Preservation Board of Nevşehir. By nationalizing the private properties in this part (funded by the investor) and leasing them, the model known as "restorate – operate – transfer" was decided to be implemented. Ürgüp Municipality together with the investor company Kayakapı Tourism Investment Trade Inc. (Kayakapı Premium Caves – Cappadocia) agreed to become the partners of this historical project.

The Kayakapı Project is about conserving and restoring the historical structures within Kayakapı Neighbourhood and the surrounding natural areas in harmony, in order to make it function mainly for tourism purposes. Together with this project, the visitors will experience the old cave houses and original life of Kayakapı Neighbourhood with modern touches. The target of this investment is; by conserving and restoring a cultural / natural valued historical neighbourhood, to bring up a historical establishment at the area with high international standards.

Below are some examples of "before" and "appliance" processes:

101 - Emine Hanım Evi


102 - Aba Hanım Evi


104 - Mehmet Balcı Evi


105 - Çerkez Mehmet Evi


106 - Arabacı Köylü Mehmet Evi


107 - Kunduracı Fehmi Evi


108 - Muhittin Toker Evi


112 - Kunduracı Mehmet Evi


114 - Başer Evi


115 - İsmail Ağa Evi


118 - Şerafettin Tokat Evi


119 - Mehmet Tokat Evi


120 - Kuşçular Konağı


121 - Saadet Erkuş Evi


122 - Agah Erkuş Evi


123 - Sami Erkuş Evi


124 - Süleyman Bey Evi


125 - Taşçı Ömer Evi


126 - Halil Soğuk Evi


127 - Kahveci Ali Evi


128 - Boyacı Muhsin Evi


129 - Aziz Yalım Evi


130 - Yakup Yalım Evi


131 - Bekçi Aziz Evi


132 - Arabacı İsmail Koşar Evi


133 - Barutçuoğlu Evi


134 - Makbule Barutçuoğlu Evi


135 - H. Hüseyin Barutçuoğlu Evi


201 - Şekerci Evi


202 - Mehmet Cazgır Evi


203 - Hakkı Cazgır Evi


301 - Muhacir Osman Evi


302 - Rafet Koşar Evi


303 - Tuncay Koşar Evi


304 - Ahmet Yiğit Evi


305 - Mustafa Uslu Evi


306 - Kemal Yazgaç Evi


307 - Ümmühan Ertaş Evi


308 - Kasr-ı Kayakapı


401 - Hatice Hamamcı Evi


402 - Fatma Göktürk Evi


501 - Hacı Osman Bahçeci Evi