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Ürgüp is the most important center of Cappadocia. It has had numerous different names in the course of its history because of hosting many different civilizations. It has been called Osiana (Assiana) and Hagios Prokopios during the Byzantine Period, Başhisar during the Seljuk Period and Burgut Castle during the Ottoman Empire period and beginning from the irst years of Turkish Republic, it has been called as Ürgüp.
Ürgüp, having a volcano originated geologic structure, was established on a region where the typical samples of the interesting natural formations, originated from the rain and wind erosions and called as chimney rock (fairy chimneys), are situated. The chimney rocks, formed from the rainwaters lowing from the valley sides and afterwards wind erosion, created a very interesting landscape view pertaining to the region. The most important residuals belonging to later periods are the rock tombs belonging to the Roman Period that are found in the towns and villages of Ürgüp. Being an important religious center also during the Byzantine Period, Ürgüp was the episcopacy center of rock churches and monasteries in the villages, towns and valleys.
In 11th century, Ürgüp was an important castle city opening doors to Konya and Niğde, which were the most important provinces of Seljuk Empire. Two important structures belonging to that period are Altıkapılı and Temenni Hill Mausoleums, which are located in the city center. Altı Kapılı Türbe (Mausoleum with Six Doors) belonging to a mother and her two daughters was constructed in 13th century. It has six fronts and each of the fronts has arched windows and its top is open. It is thought that one of the two mausoleums that are located on the Temenni Hill of Ürgüp, was built by Vecihi Pasha in 1268 and is also called as "Kılıçarslan Mausoleum" belongs to Seljukian Sultan IV. Rüknettin Kılıçarslan. The other mausoleum belongs to Sultan Alaaddin Kayqubad III.
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