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Hamam (Turkish Bath)
The Hamam, also known as the Turkish Hamam or Turkish Bath, is the Middle Eastern variant of a steam bath, which can be categorised as a wet relative of the sauna. Although the first hamams originated in Arabia and bath culture was a central part of Roman life, Turkey popularised the tradition by making hamams available to people of all statuses.
For centuries Turkish Hamam conti- nues to exist as one of the major compo- nents of the Ottoman and Turkish hamam culture with its unique architec- tural beauty. Hamam that was built with the purpose of the water use for health is not only a cleaning place for Turks. Turkish Hamam is also health and entertainment centre where people are having social activities.
Heat is one of the oldest of human body therapies. The heat factor in the Sauna raises the body temperature above normal and stimulates the immune system. Heat makes you sweat and relax, lower your pulse and blood pressure by causing blood vessels to dilate. Sauna sessions also help to relieve pain and relax muscles.
Sauna also has a beneficial anti-ageing effect, improves the skin’s condition and leaves you looking refreshed. To finish off your workout or simply to relax and unwind, the excellent sauna at Kayakapi Premium Caves – Cappadocia with a City View of Ürgüp offers a peaceful ambiance to let the heat and steam melt away your cares.
Fitness Center
For those committed
to stay fit while traveling,
the fitness center of Kaya-
kapi Premium Caves - Cappa-
docia offers a variety of exercise machines and free weights suiting
all your cardio and strength training needs. LED screen televisions are also available for entertainment.
Massage Therapies
Enjoy the best massage treatments during your Cappadocia visit. Kayakapi Spa offers high quality massage services to the guests of Kayakapi Premium Caves - Cappadocia who wish to make their visit fuller and more intensive. Massage treatments are of various sorts and lengths.
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