Page 6 - E-Brochure of Kayakapi Spa (Hamam - Turkish Bath, Sauna, Massage Therapies and Fitness Center) | Kayakapi Premium Caves - Cappadocia | Premium Cave Hotel of Urgup / Cappadocia
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Kayakapi Spa

We are happy to provide
Massage Services at
Kayakapi Spa plus also at
your Room / Suite
(except for the Ottoman

Our skillful and educated
masseurs / masseuses
will be happy to be at
your service. Please find
explanations of each
massage type and the

OTTOMAN                    The Hamam and Ottoman             Benefits:
MASSAGE                    Massage ceremony is started by    Dead layer of skin is cleaned by
                           wearing “pestemal” which is a     peeling and it will make your skin
(RECOMMENDED)              traditional waistcloth. Then you  breath more easily. It fastens
                           lie on the “göbek taşı” which is  blood circulation and relaxes the
                           heated marble slab to sweat.      body.
                           Peeling and massage are applied
                           by our skillful masseurs and      50 Minutes at Kayakapi Spa :
                           masseuses throughout your         100,00 EUR / Person / VAT Included
                           body. breath more easily. It
                           fastens blood circulation and
                           relaxes the body.
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